Marines Who Rescued Downed American Pilot Talk to ABC News: ‘It Was Awesome’

In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz set to air tonight on ABC World News, the two Marine Corps captains who rescued one of two Air Force pilots from Libya say they were fearful of coming under fire during the operation, but as one of them said, it was “my best day in the Marine Corps. It was awesome.”

The two Air Force pilots were forced to eject over Libya when their F-15 had an equipment malfunction.

The two parachuted safely to the ground in separate locations, and in went the Marines. Capt. Erik “Brillo” Kolle and Capt. Joe “Angry” Abdrejack flew into eastern Libya, using lasers to try and locate one of the Americans on the ground. With the downed pilot recovered, the Marines reported back, “We got him.”

The Air Force pilot was flown to the Navy’s USS Kearsarge in the Meditteranean for medical treatment and a chance to meet his rescuers. “We bonded,” they said. “It was awesome.”

Watch it here, from ABC News:

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