Marion Barry Scolds Reporter: ‘You Don’t Know A Damn Thing’ About D.C.

Unsurprisingly, Marion Barry, the former District of Columbia mayor known for his whoring hobbies and crack proclivities, doesn’t pay his parking tickets. But investigative reporter Emily Miller confronted him the other day and asked him why, exactly, he doesn’t feel the need to pay over $600 in outstanding parking tickets, accumulated since 2012.

Miller’s career in DC spans decades and includes stints with Condoleeza Rice, Rep. Tom DeLay, and the Washington Times, but Barry apparently had no idea who Miller was, because he began lecturing the reporter about how she didn’t understand D.C., a Super Important Town where “we decide what’s important and what’s not important.”

“You’ve just been here since April,” he continued. “You don’t know a damn thing about Washington, D.C.”

“Really, sir?” an incredulous Miller responded. “I don’t know a damn thing about Washington, D.C. because you won’t pay your parking tickets?”

Watch below via Fox 5:

[Washington Free Beacon]
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