Marjorie Taylor Greene Shoots Down Newsmax Host’s ‘Concern’ Over Her Relationship With McCarthy: ‘No One is Making Me Do Anything’


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) shot down Newsmax host Eric Bolling’s suggestion that she could end up having to scratch House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) back in return for the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s The Balance on Tuesday, Greene defended McCarthy and told Bolling:

We need an impeachment inquiry, and I’m thrilled that one has been launched today by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, but I also think it’s unfair to say that he did this under threat. He didn’t. If anyone looks at any of his interviews and his statements, especially over the August recess, he has said over and over again that we need an impeachment inquiry, and he has pitched all the reasons for the case.

She continued, “I think that we need to give Kevin McCarthy credit. He’s doing the right thing, and he’s actually leading the House and opening the impeachment inquiry that I’ve been demanding, Eric, and I’m thrilled about it, and I really want this to happen, and I don’t want anyone to stop it.”

Bolling responded, “My concern is that because you have the impeachment inquiry by McCarthy, he turns around and says, ‘By the way, I did this for you, I need you to sign either a clean bill to fund the government or a continuing resolution for whatever it is ’til November 1st, whatever the date is—”

Greene shook her head before interrupting, “No way! No, let me stop you there. That will never happen with me. No one controls my voting card, but Marjorie Taylor Greene and I work for the district that elected me. So I don’t even want those ridiculous rumors getting out there because that is absurd.”

The congresswoman insisted, “No one is making me do anything. I have put my red lines in the sand. It’s no money for Ukraine, no money for a weaponized government, persecuting President Trump, his administration, all of his supporters. None of that. It needs to end and no more Covid insanity.”

Greene has had a close relationship with McCarthy since the chaotic 2023 House Speaker election, and she was ousted from the House Freedom Caucus in July in part due to her support for McCarthy.

Watch above via Newsmax.

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