Mark Cuban Makes Frighteningly Stupid Argument Against Hillary Clinton


If ever your hatred for empty-headed “independent” voters who care just enough about politics to vote but not quite enough to know anything begins to wane, spending 30 seconds listening to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ought to fix you right up. In an interview on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning, Cuban told anchor Chris Cuomo that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is to blame for Republicans’ dehumanization of Hillary Clinton, and so people should vote for Donald Trump because otherwise, Republicans will just obstruct Hillary because they hate her so much:

If you look at the obstructionism they’ve offered to Obama, it will be 1,000 times worst for Hillary Clinton. And so you know, the argument, if I had to make an argument for Donald Trump, the argument is I think right now, he would do a better job of crossing the aisle and reducing gridlock than Senator Clinton would. And I think that’s a reflection of the fact that Senator Clinton has done a horrible job of communicating and humanizing herself. I mean, it’s horrible to say for a presidential candidate we’re talking about humanizing, right, but they made her not human. They demonized her so bad with Hillary and all this name-calling that she has got, if she has any hope of accomplishing anything, if she wins, she is going to have to get out there and really connect.

To a normal person, that’s not an argument in favor of voting for Trump, it’s an argument in favor of flipping the entire US Congress. If he were arguing that the attacks on Hillary are legitimate, that would be a different story, but what Cuban is arguing is that whichever political party most refuses to work with the other should be rewarded with more power, regardless of the merits. That’s frighteningly dumb, because as an “independent” voter, Cuban’s view reflects the “thinking” of a lot of people who are paying just enough attention to elect an overt racist to the highest office in the land.

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