comScore Mark Cuban: I'd Spank Daughter If She Went Out in Pandemic

Mark Cuban Tells The View He’d Give Daughter Public Spanking If She Went Out Partying Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire investor Mark Cuban went into vivid detail on how he would publicly punish his children if he caught any of them going out to have fun in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuban beamed into The View on Wednesday, and since he has three kids, Meghan McCain asked him what he thought about spring breakers in Florida and young people around the country who continue to hold gatherings despite the risks of transmitting the disease. He answered that younger people are naive about their vulnerability to COVID-19, and he spoke about a conversation he had with his 16 year old daughter when she wanted to go see her friends.

“You have to communicate to them and really make it clear,” Cuban said. “Literally, if one of my kids went out there and were partying in spring break, I would walk up to her and bend her over my knee — I’ve never spanked my kids. Ever! And I have never had any intention of doing it — but I would pull down those pants and spank her right in front of all those springs breakers, because it’s criminal. You just can’t do it.”

Cuban’s remarks drew laughs from The View, and Sunny Hostin remarked that she had a similar conversation when she told her teenage son he can’t go out right now.

Watch above, via ABC.

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