Mark Halperin Calls FBI Director James Comey an ‘Arm of the Clinton Campaign’

2thumbThere are many who would look at the FBI’s unprecedented decision to release non-evidenciary interview notes in two separate news cycles as an unfriendly, if not hostile, act toward the presidential candidacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If you’re charter member of the Morning Joe He-Man Hillary-Hater’s Club and Barack Obama Dick-Caller Mark Halperin, though, you think that FBI Director James Comey is obviously a shill for Hillary:

Mark Halperin: There’s so much to say about the FBI’s conduct here. Those that are skeptical about how he’s done this, look at the Friday release. The guy has not had a press conference, he talks transparency. I’ve become critical of him. I know he has a sterling reputation.

Joe Scarborough: Not with me.

Mark Halperin: To release this on a Friday as if he’s an arm of the campaign, I was stunned. There’s a lot of information that’s of great public interest. If you really cared about transparency, you’d say is the best time to release this, to get a full public hearing on Friday before Labor Day?

Oh, right, I forgot to mention that Joe Scarborough also thinks Comey is a Hillary apparatchik because the FBI interviewed her on Saturday of the July 4th weekend. While it’s true that Fridays, particularly holiday weekend Fridays, are often used as a time to dump news, these guys are a little bit fuzzy on the sequence of events. Yes, Hillary was interviewed on a Saturday, but FBI Director James Comey held his unprecedented, completely unnecessary, and gratuitously damning press conference on a Tuesday, and then two days later, on a Thursday, spent over four hours testifying before a national television audience in a full public hearing, then in another unprecedented move, released non-evidenciary interview notes and other documents to Republicans in Congress so they could be subsequently leaked on a Wednesday.

Then, after scoring several weeks worth of news cycles against Hillary Clinton, the FBI released the notes publicly on Friday morning, so that the news media would have nothing else to talk about for three days. This is 2016, not 2014. Releasing news at midday on a Friday isn’t “burying” it, it’s giving it a 72-hour day.

James Comey may have his biases, but they are institutional, if anything, and are against Hillary Clinton, if they exist at all.

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