Mark Halperin: Hillary Is ‘Terrified of the Left and It’s Showing’

One of the presidential primary narratives that will emerge over the next year will be Hillary Clinton‘s fight to court progressives who are skeptical of her on a variety of key economic and foreign policy issues. Bloomberg TV host and political analyst Mark Halperin thinks her fear of the left is starting to show, even this early in her campaign.

Asked by his With All Due Respect co-host John Heilemann whether Clinton has succeeded thus far in “balancing the center and the left,” Halperin said: “I do not think it is going well. My supposition is that she is so terrified of losing Iowa, she is forgetting the fact that there is a general election to come. She is terrified of the left and it is showing on a range of issues.”

When Heilemann added that “the left will never be satisfied” until Clinton is populist progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Halperin continued: “[Clinton] seems to have moved a little bit to the left on same-sex marriage. From the way she is talking, from the way her campaign is responding, she is terrified of the left. Their demands will never end. If she continues to cater — that is the energy of the party, you see Republicans doing it all the time — it will hurt her chances of winning the general.”

Watch below, via Bloomberg TV:

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