Mark Levin Unleashes Rage At Trump’s Jan. 6th Judge Tanya Chutkan: ‘You Need To Step Down!’


Mark Levin spent his Sunday opening monologue on his Fox News show by raging at the judge overseeing Donald Trump‘s January 6th case in DC by demanding she “step down.”

The Republican firebrand has defended the former president since his last four criminal indictments by claiming the Department of Justice is oppressing Joe Biden‘s political opponents.

Trump faces multiple counts in D.C. for his alleged actions to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Levin focused his entire monologue on Judge Tanya Chutkan‘s decision to set the trial for March 4th and claimed she is biased against Trump.

Levin claimed that Chutkan set the trial date before Super Tuesday, one of the biggest election dates in the GOP primary, so that Trump’s opponents can claim he can’t run for office because he is a convicted felon.

“She wants Donald Trump branded as a convicted felon. So reprobates and opportunists like Chris Christie can run around…say Donald Trump can’t run for president. He’s too busy defending himself in the court, which is exactly why past attorneys general said you’re not supposed to do that,” Levin told his Fox News audience.

“The bottom line is this: Judge Tonya Chutkan is absolutely not fit to be the judge in this case. She’s already demonstrated that,” Levin continued. “She’s created a very diabolical situation by jumping the line on the first case. We also know when she set that date on March 4th, she had already talked to the judge in the case in Manhattan. She already had made up her mind that she was going to pick March 4th. And she’s not a fool….She knew exactly what she was doing.”

The Fox News host claimed that setting the trial date for March 4th would infringe upon Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial. He then called on her to resign or to be removed from the case.

“Judge Chutkan, you need to step down. And somebody who has the authority like the chief judge or the D.C. bar, if she doesn’t step down on her own, then you did tell her to step aside,” he concluded. “This is worse than the appearance of a conflict. This is a conflict, a grotesque conflict.”

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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