Mark McKinnon Tells CNN ‘They’re Not Talking About Baby Yoda in Des Moines’

Political advisor Mark McKinnon dismissed a graphic showing that Baby Yoda is getting more impressions online than any of the 2020 Democratic candidates, saying Baby Yoda isn’t a topic in the Iowa primary.

CNN anchor Alex Marquardt highlighted the Axios graphic on CNN Newsroom Saturday, showing that Baby Yoda (known officially as “The Child” in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian) was driving almost twice as many average social media interactions on news stories over any Democrat running in 2020.

Marquardt went on to argue the data appeared to demonstrate that national issues were overtaking issues in primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

“I think that particularly among the second-tier candidates, they’re frustrated that so much of the attention has focused on Washington. On the other hand, we’re seeing the equation as not set in concrete, things are changing,” McKinnon responded, saying things can quickly change in the primary.

“We also know that in Iowa, people pay attention on the ground,” he continued. “They’re kind of tuning out all the national noise. The media makes the mistakes as all of us do to sort of look at the national numbers, the national echo chamber, you know, the national notion that they’re all talking about Baby Yoda.”

“They’re not talking about Baby Yoda in Des Moines, I guarantee you,” McKinnon said. “They are looking at candidates.”

Watch above, via CNN.

Correction: A previous version of this post misidentified Marquart as CNN’s Phil Mattingly.

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