Mark Steyn on Hillary Clinton’s ‘Creep’ Trump Excerpt: I Thought She Was Recalling Her First Date With Bill

Conservative writer and commentator Mark Steyn had a bit of fun at Hillary Clinton‘s expense.

Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to react to Clinton’s book excerpt that was released earlier in the day that revisited the town hall debate with then-candidate Donald Trump.

“Initially when I heard it, when she’s talking about this guy looming behind her, making her feel uncomfortable, invading her space with a reputation for groping women and she wants to say ‘back off, you creep,’ I thought she was recalling her first date with Bill,” Steyn quipped, “but apparently not.”

He called it “quite amazing” how Hillary Clinton is “so un-self aware” for writing about centered on “what it’s like to be made uncomfortable by man with a reputation for groping women.”

“Well now you know how Paula [Jones], and Monica [Lewinsky], and Kathleen [Willey], and Juanita [Broaddrick], and all the rest of them feel,” he elaborated. “It’s incredible.”

Steyn said her book “could have been interesting” but if the rest is as “phony” as the released excerpt, then “this will be her third unread memoir.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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