Mark Zuckerberg Dodges Questions About Secret Trump Meeting at White House: ‘Um…’


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged he had a secret meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House and disclosed virtually nothing else about the discussion.

“I mean, we talked about a number of things that were on his mind and the topics that you’d read in the news around our work,” Zuckerberg said, not addressing CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King’s question about what the meeting was about. NBC News was the first to report on the undisclosed meeting.

“People will say the optics weren’t good. Did he try to lobby you in any way?” she asked in a follow-up, after noting Trump has frequently attacked social media companies for perceived unfairness.

“Um … I don’t think that that’s – I think some of the things that people think get discussed and discussions are not really how that works. I also want to respect that it was a private dinner, private discussion,” Zuckerberg concluded.

King spoke with Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan in an interview broadcast Monday morning, where she asked a number of questions about Facebook’s role in allowing political ads not being checked for accuracy.

“This is clearly a complex issue and a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. At the end of the day, I just think that in a democracy people should be able to see for themselves what politicians are saying,” Zuckerberg said.

“Even if the ads contain false information?” King asked.

“I think people should be able to judge for themselves the character of politicians,” he responded.

Watch above, via CBS News.

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