Mark Zuckerberg Swears To 60 Minutes He Didn’t Start Facebook To Get Girls

In a preview video of this Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl asks Facebook wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg for his thoughts on The Social Network. Zuckerberg, who once told the media that he wouldn’t even bother watching Aaron Sorkin‘s depiction of Facebook’s inception, ended up taking all of his employees to see it with him. “I actually thought it was pretty fun,” he told Stahl. Yet he added, “There were hugely basic things that they got wrong too.” Girls, he claimed, were not his motivation for starting Facebook, citing that he already had a girlfriend at that point.

Stahl seemed absolutely floored by the idea of a girl wanting to date Zuckerberg before he secured his Facebook fame. “Wait, what?” she asked. “Say that again? The girl, your current girlfriend, you were dating back then?”

Zuckerberg responded to her awkward disbelief by stammering out a “Yeah.”

Beyond this issue, however, he generally enjoyed The Social Network. He complimented the movie’s sartorial accuracy, saying that the wardrobe department got “every single t-shirt” right, as well as the sandals. Which is cool, except that we already knew that.

Watch to CBS clip below to see Zuckerberg trying to convince 60 Minutes that he can get girls on his own.

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