Martha MacCallum Slams Congress in Fiery Rant on Their ‘Failure to Launch’ Health Care Reform


On Monday night, The Story host Martha MacCallum took a moment to tell “her story” on Congress’s ongoing struggle to pass health care reform.

The chyron that ran during the segment called it a “failure to launch.”

MacCallum noted that Congress, along with herself, just came back from vacation, yet lawmakers “really aren’t any closer” in keeping their campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“When one party wins control of Congress and the White House, they have a unique opportunity,” she began. “During President Obama‘s time in office, the GOP railed on Obamacare. They said it was a disaster, terrible for patients and bad for businesses.”

She said both patients and businesses agreed with Republicans and “much to [their] surprise apparently,” elected them and President Trump to get rid of Obamacare.

The Fox News host elaborated:

“Now imagine this in your own life at the company where you work. That you keep complaining to the boss that if only he would let you, you can fix the company and it would be so much better if he would only give you a shot! So one day, the boss says, ‘You’re on. Let’s see what you’ve got.’ And you say, ‘Well, I didn’t think you would ever ask. See, um, my team is not quite sure and it’s actually much more complicated than anybody thought.’ You know what, faster than the limo can pull up in front of Trump Tower, you would be heading home with your suitcase on wheels and you would have a zero approval rating at your company, or kinda like Congress at 17%.”

She then compared the 68 work days the average American has in the summer to the Senate’s measly 35 days (unless they cancel their August recess).

“So the president is proving to be a rather patient boss and has given his party a nearly seven-month extension on a project that could’ve been worked on and hammered out for six years,” she continued. “So likely the boss, which is actually the American people in this case, will have little patience when they have their chance to weigh in on this and all of those elected in the sweep in November could very well get swept out the door for congressional malpractice and who could blame the voters because that’s what the people who voted for them wanted to happen.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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