‘You’re Not Factually Correct!’ Martha MacCallum and Zeke Emanuel Spar Over Health Care, Kimmel


Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum sparred with Obamacare architect Zeke Emanuel on The Story over Jimmy Kimmel‘s well-publicized plea for health care that invoked his own son’s plight.

The segment was confrontational from nearly out of the gate between the two. MacCallum first stated that “any parent who has been through the frightening and joyful experience of having a child…feels for what he and his family went through.”

The host continued by underlining that in the case of an emergency, “they do surgery on that baby, regardless of the insurance situation, correct?”

Emanuel replied, in part, by contending that “we do know, just as a matter of fact, actually, that people are treated differently by their insurance” status. The Fox News contributor cited a study by MIT of accidents in Wisconsin that apparently showed that “the uninsured people actually died more frequently.”

MacCallum interrrupted Emanuel as he tried to cite an American Cancer Society study, and tried to focus the discussion on the treatment of infants. The guest shot back, “You would like to narrow your case.”

The Fox News anchor emphasized, “I want people to understand that there’s no, you know, mean being out there who’s not going to help a child, who was just born hours before, if they are in dire need. And is that correct?”

Emanuel cited cases from Arizona and Oregon retorted, “The idea that we don’t take care away — lifesaving care — away from children because of their insurance status — whether it is Medicaid or being uninsured — your point is just wrong. We do that. And I think Jimmy Kimmel was making a very accurate claim.”

MacCallum visibly grew increasingly frustrated with her guest as the segment continued. She tried to end the interview, but Emanuel kept talking. Someone off camera finally cut off the Obamacare advocate off so the anchor could move on to a segment with conservative write Charlie Hurt over his controversial column responding to Kimmel.

You can watch the full interview above, via Fox.

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