Martha Raddatz to Cruz: Do You Regret Any of Your Past Comments About Trump?

Ted Cruz had a lot to say on ABC this morning about Fidel Castro‘s death and President Obama‘s reaction to it, but Martha Raddatz also asked him about the incoming administration.

And Cruz is actually very encouraged by what he’s seeing from Donald Trump and his transition team so far, saying that the Republican party has a real opportunity here to deliver on the promises they’ve made.

If they don’t, he added, there will be “pitchforks and torches” in the streets.

Raddatz brought up Cruz’s past criticisms of Trump––he once called his former GOP rival a “pathological liar”––and asked, “Do you regret any of those words?”

Cruz recalled how vigorous the campaign was but deferred on the question and said right now the priority is addressing the issues the American people want to see Trump tackle.

He told Raddatz, “I’m not gonna re-litigate the past.”

Watch above (the relevant part starts at the 4:20 mark), via ABC.

[image via screengrab]

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