Martin Bashir Uses Death Of Civil Rights Leader To Go After Herman Cain

Just yesterday, our own Colby Hall accused Martin Bashir of a exploiting Steve Jobs’ death in an attempt to attack Sarah Palin. Yesterday, I would have agreed with Colby’s interpretation. However, after watching today’s episode of Bashir’s show and seeing him do nearly the exact same thing by comparing Herman Cain to Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, the recently deceased civil rights leader, I’ve changed my mind. Obviously this is nothing exploitative.

No, this is clearly just the way Martin Bashir grieves.

We all handle death differently. It is one of the things that makes us most human. So how can we fault Bashir for finding a method that works for him? Sure, the only way he can get over the loss of someone important to him is to randomly connect that person to a politician he didn’t like, but, hey, whatever helps get him through, right?

I can only assume, though, that this practice probably made things rather awkward as Bashir family funerals. I can imagine it now…

“Oh, Martin, darling, those were such lovely things you said about Great Aunt Doris. I must ask though, was all that stuff about Orrin Hatch completely necessary?”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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