Maryland Governor To Wolf Blitzer: Have Reporter Chris Lawrence “Get The Hell Out Of That Water”

Apparently, there’s nothing like a potential hurricane to get nervous governors to demand people get the hell out of places. First, an exasperated Chris Christie assured New Jerseyans at the shore that they were tan enough already, and today, Maryland’s Martin O’Malley pleaded with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (though more light-heartedly than Christie) that field reporter Chris Lawrence really ought to get out of the water along the Maryland shore.

In O’Malley’s defense, getting the hell out of that water would be the prudent thing to do for Lawrence’s own well-being. Plus, the actual news value (if not visual value) of a reporter putting him or herself in a position of potential storm-related danger (and considering CNN’s screen was showing in rather large type that Maryland has declared a state of emergency, we’d say Lawrence’s situation qualified as such) is debatable. It’s admirable of Lawrence to brave the conditions he did for the news…but we also can’t help hoping he followed through on O’Malley’s advice just about as soon as he was done with his report. Video below, via CNN.

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