Martin O’Malley: Voters Don’t Want to Hear About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

vlcsnap-2015-08-13-09h47m44s562Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley dismissed the controversy over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s emails on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, saying voters were more interested in hearing about ideas.

Host Mika Brzezinski asked O’Malley about the news that Clinton had handed her email server over to federal investigators: “What do you make of this ongoing saga or coverage or ‘nonsense,’ as the Clinton campaign would call it, pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail?”

“Well, I think it underscores why we need to have conversations and need to start having our debate within the Democratic Party about the ideas that will actually create jobs, get incomes to go up, make our country safer,” O’Malley responded.

“All of this stuff about the e-mail server and the top secret e-mails and all of this, these are not the ideas that excite the electorate. These are not the ideas that spark the imagination of the American people…” he continued.

O’Malley went off on another tangent about the economy and job creation. “These are the issues we should talk about, not Secretary of State’s e-mails and those rules. We should talk about the ideas.”

That led Brzezinski to ask O’Malley if he thought the press was “doing a bad job” by asking about the e-mails. “Do you think it’s not a story?” she asked.

But O’Malley said it was the Democratic Party’s fault the press reported on the story, because they weren’t talking about issues like clean energy and the minimum wage. “Until we do, you’re left with nothing but reporting the latest story about email servers and top secret emails. And shame on us as a Democratic Party if we don’t step forward and start offering the issues to serve our country.”

Watch, via MSNBC.

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