Mary Matalin: Tea Party Express Mark Williams Is A ‘Crackpot’ With ‘No Influence’

There has been a rather ugly conflict between the NAACP and the Tea Party movement that has heated up of late, centering around the use of “colored people” and a satirical letter written by Mark Williams, a Tea Party Express organizer. The Republican strategist Mary Matalin (who is a former adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney) appeared on CNN’s Situation Room this afternoon to discuss this, and painted Williams to be a fringe character who’s not in a position to influence anyone…”unlike Reverend Wright.”

Of course, Williams is a crackpot, and as Wolf BlitzerRoland Martin mentions, he has been condemned from nearly every quarter, but to say that Mark Williams, also a radio personality, has no influence, but Reverend Jeremiah Wright does, is laughable. It was Matalin’s way of responding to Williams’ tit with Wright’s tat.

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