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Massive Oil Spill Threatens States Along Gulf Of Mexico

A massive oil spill floating around the Gulf of Mexico has gone from an environmental concern to a homeland security menace, as it grew today to a size larger than the state of Rhode Island and is expected to hit the shores along the Gulf of Mexico later this week.

The spill was caused by an oil rig explosion last week, but the severity of the spread of the oil across the Gulf only recently became a serious problem, especially in light of the possibility of the oil hitting beaches soon. The Obama administration announced today it would be launching an investigation into the reasons behind the spill, but for now, steps are being taken to ensure that the damage to the shores– which would cause the tourism and seafood industry, among others, to take a major hit– is as limited as possible.

In this segment of today’s America Live, Megyn Kelly highlighted some of the technology used to clean up the spill, as well as the scope of the spill and what it could mean for the states along the Gulf:

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