Matt Damon ‘Snuck’ Onto Jimmy Kimmel! Live Dressed as Tom Brady

Forget storied sports rivalries: Who cares about things like Michigan vs. Ohio State when we have the ultimate late night rivalry: Matt Damon vs. Jimmy Kimmel? The two have a pretty epic ongoing feud that mostly consists of Kimmel apologizing nightly for bumping Damon from Jimmy Kimmel Live! The two have also gone to couple’s therapy and for one episode Damon actually hijacked the show for a “revenge” episode.

Last night, Damon “snuck” onto the show by masquerading as Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. Kimmel introduced him to the crowd saying he had flown “all the way from Houston.” Damon then walked onstage dressed as Brady and wearing a helmet. The audience went wild.

Kimmel eventually asked “Why are you still in uniform,” to which Damon replied, “I just haven’t had time to change because I’ve been fired up.”

Once Kimmel “realizes,” Damon says “I won the Super Bowl, and I won your stupid show!”

Kimmel lets him know that if you’re not on the couch, you’re not actually a guest and has him escorted offstage.

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