Matt Drudge Mocks Piers Morgan’s Gun Control Advocacy With Tweet About Banning Pressure Cookers

The Drudge Report’s namesake Matt Drudge sparingly uses his personal Twitter account to voice his thoughts on news-of-the-day; and when he does it is often opinionated.

While reflecting upon the Monday afternoon Boston marathon bombings this evening, Drudge tweeted out a stab at CNN host Piers Morgan, who became the most vocal advocate for gun control on television after December’s massacre in Newtown, Conn.

“Oh please no, not 4 months of Piers Morgan pushing for national ban of pressure cookers,” Drudge wrote, referring to the fact that the Boston explosions were reportedly created using pressure cookers full of shrapnel.

The message was clearly sarcastic, meant to mock Morgan for what Drudge likely sees as the CNN host’s propensity to want to criminalize the items used in a murder rather than focus on the criminal himself.

Morgan responded with a tongue-in-cheek remark that he intends to spend only three months advocating for a ban of pressure cookers:

This is not the first time Drudge has used his personal Twitter account to take a stab at Morgan. Back in February, the news aggregator suggested CNN was moving “leftward” and into “tabloid news” by keeping Morgan in its primetime lineup as the network undergoes major changes.

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