Matt Gaetz Attacks Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo Over Reaction to His Threatening Cohen Tweet

Florida Congressman and Sentient Crest White Strip Matt Gaetz (R-FL) couldn’t get through another apology for his tweet threatening former Trump fixer Michael Cohen without attacking several CNN personalities, including Don Lemon, for their reactions to the threat.

On Tuesday night’s edition of Cuomo PrimeTime, host Chris Cuomo kicked off his interview with Gaetz by referencing the late-February tweet, in which Gaetz threatened Cohen with the revelation of information about alleged affairs.

Cuomo put the tweet on screen, and asked Gaetz “Very rare these days that somebody admits they made a mistake, what was your mistake?”

“Well, Chris, your viewers and my constituents know I find hard, sometimes too hard,” Gaetz said. “This was one of those cases. I should not have mentioned Michael Cohen’s family in that tweet, I apologized, took it down. I’ll try to do better.”

What actually happened was that Gaetz repeated the threat on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, and only apologized after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested that the Ethics Committee “monitor” Gaetz’s activity.

“And just to be clear, there’s nothing coming that you have, or anybody else that you know about has, about any of these suggestions you made in the tweet?” Cuomo asked.

Gaetz refused to answer because he’s just too classy, telling Cuomo “I’m not going to discuss that because to do so would be to invoke someone’s family, and it’s not a line I’m going to cross.”

Gaetz kept it classy by attacking Cuomo’s colleagues.

“I will thank you, Chris, the other CNN personalities were calling for me be arrested and imprisoned, you made the point I wasn’t threatening Michael Cohen, I was trying to cast him in a bad light, as a bad dude,” Gaetz said.

“I did so inartfully, in a way I shouldn’t have… I appreciate you for drawing out that distinction, as Don Lemon was breathing in and out of a paper bag, whatever he was doing,” Gaetz added.

“Listen, D. Lemon can defend himself, he has his own feelings,” Cuomo replied. “This is my show. I do it my way.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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