Matt Gaetz Ribs Chris Cuomo Over Fox’s Pro-Trump Coverage: They ‘Put Ratings First’


During an interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out Fox’s habit of “putting the president first,” suggesting it didn’t matter much whether the congressman had friends on both sides of the aisle if such interactions couldn’t be shown more prominently in the mainstream media.

“They also put ratings first,” Gaetz snapped back, ribbing Cuomo for that fact that Fox News regularly beats CNN in terms of viewership. “Right now there are more people watching Fox than watching us. It’s a reality.”

However, that answer wasn’t enough for Cuomo, who still felt Gaetz wasn’t helping the political discourse, adding that “when you go on Fox and you guys are tossing around theories that are half-baked but work with the base, that’s part of the problem.”

“When the president refuses to talk about his influence and the negativity that is unyielding, it’s part of the problem and reflects the coverage. The coverage is going to be negative, Matt, if you’re constantly putting out things that are lies.”

Gaetz then scolded Cuomo for negative reporting on Trump as authorities in New York and elsewhere investigate the series of bomb scares targeting prominent Democrats and CNN’s offices.

Cuomo, in response, defended his work, pointing out that while the commander in chief condemned political violence yesterday, “the next morning he trashes us — the next chance he gets.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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