Matt Lauer Laughs Uncontrollably When Guest Discusses Importance Of ‘Package Size’

Matt Lauer had Jean Chatzky on the Today show studio to discuss ways for consumers to handle the rising price of food. Lauer, however, was barely able to handle the conversation itself, bursting into a fit of laughter as Chatzky delved into the importance of “the size of the package.”

Chatzky, to her credit, did her best to salvage the segment, admirably forging ahead with helpful tips for wallet-concious consumers. “The trick that some of these retailers will use,” she warned, “is to shrink the size of the package.” But that seemed to be simply too much for her interviewer, and Lauer soon entered the Megyn Kelly zone of giggling.

“Sorry. Something struck me as funny,” he explained. Luckily for him, Meredith Vieira swooped in to help a Lauer out. She assumed control over her cohost’s teleprompter, but not before managing to bust out one last package-related quip that kept everyone laughing into the commercial break.

Either way, it’s remarkably hilarious to watch Lauer lose it on live tv. Watch the Today show hijinks ensue in the NBC clip below:

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