Matt Lauer Presses Katie Couric About Her Future In Visit To NBC’s TODAY

Back at her old home, NBC’s TODAY, Katie Couric sat down with Matt Lauer to talk, naturally, about her new book. Making absolutely no mention of the frenzy of speculation surrounding Couric’s future as anchor of the CBS Evening News, Lauer and Couric had a casual chat about Couric’s book on life advice (“you have to keep trying” was one insider’s tip) for a full three minutes. It was only then that Lauer pivoted, asking “heard any good rumors lately?”

The bizarre handling of the Couric interview comes in sharp contrast to Couric’s appearance on The View, when Barbara Walters addressed the rumors and reports about Couric’s future directly, firmly and right at the start of the interview before moving on to book she’d come on to talk about. On TODAY, Couric mocked Walters’ attempts to get Couric to discuss actual news, and then insisted to Lauer that she had not made any decision about leaving CBS.

But pressed by Lauer, Couric conceded she is considering a move to daytime. “What might appeal to me is just the creative freedom to pick subjects and really dig deep…it might be nice to have a little more wiggle room to show my personality,” she said, talking about a potential syndicated daytime show.

Watch it here, from NBC News:

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