Matt Schlapp, Richard Fowler Clash Over Israel/Gaza Media Coverage: ‘This is Absurd!’


American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp and radio talk show host Richard Fowler had a fiery debate about the moving of the US embassy in Jerusalem and the protests that took place in the Gaza Strip.

Shannon Bream began the discussion on the recent coverage that has put blame on the Trump administration for the deadly violence that broke out at the Israeli border as the ceremony commemorating the opening of the US embassy took place Monday.

Schlapp wasn’t surprised by the coverage, insisting they’d rather blame the Israeli government or President Trump‘s foreign policy instead of the “terrorists” that want to destroy Israel.

“There was never going to be a time we can actually keep our promise, which every president has made since Bill Clinton, to move this embassy without problems associated — most people said it was going to start World War III,” Schlapp told Bream. “It’s tragic that some people are dead. Many of those dead people are also terrorists and this is a fight to the death and I’m glad we are on the right side.”

Fowler said it’s “no question” that the terrorist organization Hamas has something to do with violence that took place, but he also thought it was “naive” to think moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “had nothing to do with it” and that you can’t look at it “in a vacuum.”

Bream then pressed Fowler on how the leaders of Hamas were “telling their people lies” about what’s going on at the border in order to use them and how the “body count helps them” in the media coverage.

“If these people are being used by their own leaders and sent in to the situations where they know they are going to be potentially killed, how is Hamas not to blame for that part of the equation?” Bream asked Fowler. “If this was happening at the border of Texas, do you expect the Texas rangers to stand down from that?”

“There’s this notion that there is a breach of the border and I think all the evidence that we are seeing from the ground from independent journalists that there is no breach of the border but here’s the facts that we do know. 60 protesters are dead…”

“They’re not protestors!” Schlapp reacted.

“That includes women and children,” Fowler continued. “A young little girl died and she was suffocated by tear gas today.”

“She shouldn’t have been there. She shouldn’t have been there,” Schlapp shot back. “I want to go back to your worst: ‘Hamas might have had something to do with it.’ This is what Hamas does. Hamas does everything it can to destabilize the state of Israel. They want to wipe Israel off the map and the fact is this — you could say ‘oh it was pulling out of the Iran Deal.’ God bless Donald Trump for pulling out of the Iran Deal.  AndGod bless Donald Trump for actually keeping a promise. Every other place on the globe, we put our embassy in the capital. Why not the state of Israel?”

“Are you saying that the Israeli region is more stable today than it was six months ago?” Fowler asked.

“Absolutely,” Schlapp responded.

“Even though there’s a possibility of a ground war in Syria between Iran and Israel,” Fowler hit back.

“This is absurd!” Schlapp exclaimed. “You’re gonna blame Donald Trump?… that’s just ridiculous.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.



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