Matt Schlapp: Trump’s Policies on Russia Are ‘Two or Three Times Tougher’ Than Anything Under Obama


American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp defended President Donald Trump after his panned performance at the Helsinki Summit alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Schlapp began by calling it “silly” for Trump’s critics to urge the president “not to deal” with the leader of Russia.

“The idea that Trump is somehow ‘soft’ on Putin just because when they’re in each other’s company, he tries very hard to be- and in some cases too hard the other day, to be hospitable. But the policies are  what matter,” Schlapp told The Ingraham Angle guest host Jason Chaffetz.  “And the policy coming out of the Trump Administration, as you pointed out, is two or three times tougher than anything we saw in Obama. If you look at the export controls, if you look at the sanctions, if you look at the the number of people being kicked out of the country, if you look at the bombing that the president has done. If you look at every criteria, the president’s policy is tough. But the Democrats have a problem with his words.”

Chaffetz then pressed Schlapp why Trump’s words are “so soft” on Putin and not on anybody else.

Schlapp then made this observation:

“The president has chosen two leaders you notice that don’t have nicknames, okay?” Schlapp said. “The president of China and Vladimir Putin. Because he realizes that the relationship is hinged, that it matter what’s you do with one and the impact on the other. And what the president is going to do and where he’s clearly pointing is the fact that China is both from a national security standpoint and an economic stand point, our biggest adversary on the globe.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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