Matt Schlapp Yells at NBC’s Hallie Jackson After Lamenting Country Has ‘Lost Our Manners’


Things got tense on Thursday when American Conservative Union chief Matt Schlapp blew up at MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson when she pressed him on whether President Donald Trump bears any responsibility for the alarming political state of the country.

The interview gravitated around the suspicious packages that were sent out this week to the president’s various Democratic critics and political foes. Schlapp started things off by invoking harassment and violence against conservatives, saying “we’re all at fault” for how “we’ve lost our manners” and our ability to respect others.

“There’s a lot of blame to go around,” Schlapp said. “I think social media and mainstream media has a lot to do with why we communicate this way as well.”

When Jackson brought the discussion back to whether the president has a part in this, Schlapp briefly said “Yeah” before turning around and bashing the media for supposedly implying that Trump’s personally to blame for the mail bombing spree.

Schlapp invoked Eric Holder‘s controversial “kick ’em” comments, and raised his voice to Jackson when she disputed him over the context of what the former AG said.

“He specifically said that it was a metaphor,” Jackson said.

“Nice try,” Schlapp retorted — adding that Holder’s language was “much worse” than Trump’s rhetoric.

When Jackson moved things forward by noting criticism from ABC’s Matthew Dowd for the GOP’s tribalism under Trump, Schlapp wrote him off as a NeverTrump Republican who “wants to push a political advantage on these terrible things that are happening amongst us.” Schlapp concluded by bringing up Holder once more and calling it a “ridiculous charge” to say Trump is to blame for fomenting violence.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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