ABC Political Contributor Torches CPAC: ‘It’s Like A Flintstones Episode’ And Stuck In ‘Mesozoic Era’

ABC contributor Matthew Dowd heavily criticized the Conservative Political Action Conference during a segment on This Week for including Sarah Palin as a major speaker at the convention and for being out of step with modern conservative politics. He described the conference as being stuck in a Flitstones episode and said that “its time has come and gone.”

Dowd took dead aim at Palin for her reality show remarks about Washington’s political class by nothing that she actually had her own reality show. “Between Palin and the Kardashians, there’s ten reality shows that have been built around that,” he said.

The imagery and the attendees of the conference struck Dowd as being completely outside the current political climate saying that it is increasingly filled with relics of a conservative movement from a different time. “It’s like going to the Land Before Time, it’s like going to a Flintstones episode. It’s like a bunch of dinosaurs. Most of them are throwbacks in time. It’s like who’s running for Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes,” he said.

“CPAC’s time has come and gone and it’s time for somebody to put together a 21st century conservative agenda,” he said.

When asked about having conservative ideas hashed out public he said he’s fine with but “I just wouldn’t do it in the Mesozoic Era.”

Watch clip below via ABC

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