Matthews And Guests Show Extreme Pessimism About Obama’s Leadership If Gun Proposals Fail To Pass

The regulars on the Chris Matthews Show are pessimistic about President Obama‘s future if he fails to pass any gun control legislation in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. A majority of the panelists said they would consider it a “failure of leadership” if no new laws get through the congress.

“If congress doesn’t pass any – any – enhanced background checks even, forget assault rifles and forget the magazines, the 30 round magazines,” said host Chris Matthews, teasing the survey.

Time Magazine writer Joe Klein called the president’s stumbling an “embarasment” given the strong support for stepped up background checks across the country.

“Historically when you look at landmark changes in legislation do you remember what the Congress did? No, you remember which president was there,” said Katty Kay of BBC America.

NBC Washington correspondent Peter Alexander said he thinks something will get through Congress but that it will be watered down. Klein said this would be awful because it would give the NRA the upper hand the next time there is a major tragedy.

Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report said she thinks nothing will get passed.

Watch clip below via Chris Matthews Show

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