Matthews Confronts Curt Schilling About His Comments to Jake Tapper About Jewish Democrats

matthews-schillingChris Matthews confronted Curt Schilling tonight for getting into some hot water over his question to Jake Tapper about Jewish Democrats today.

Schilling asked Tapper, in a somewhat awkward interview, “As a person who’s practicing the Jewish faith and has since you were young, I don’t understand… how people of Jewish faith can back the Democratic party.” Tapper diplomatically told him he can’t speak for all Jews.

Matthews told him saying something like that is pretty “tricky.” Schilling complained to Matthews tonight about how apparently some people have called him anti-Semitic over this, saying he didn’t see anything wrong with asking Tapper to explain why there are so many Jews who vote Democratic.

He said it was genuine curiosity on his part because “this country feels so anti-Israel” recently.

Matthews told him, “The problem is… you can’t ask a person of a religious faith or a race to speak for that religious group and ask them to sort of account for it.”

Watch how Schilling answered above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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