Matthews: Cruz’s Public Praise vs. Private Criticism of Trump ‘Makes Him Look Like a Fraud’

matthewsChris Matthews last night said that Ted Cruz privately bashing Donald Trump while publicly refusing to criticize him one iota “makes him look like a fraud.”

In audio obtained by The New York Times from a private fundraiser, Cruz said of Trump (and Ben Carson) that the question of “who am I comfortable having their finger on the button?” is a serious issue for both of them.

Rather than standing up on principle when confronted publicly, Cruz instead blamed the media and praised Trump. Trump ripped Cruz on Twitter and mocked him for being so eager to publicly agree with him.

NBC’s Hallie Jackson told Matthews last night Cruz might be going for the high road strategy and Trump will eventually leave him alone.

Matthews still said, “It makes him look like a fraud, if you ask me, because if he trashes him behind the scenes and ays he’s not the guy to have the finger on the button… and then in public makes pretty, which is it?”

Because, Matthews added, the charge about Trump not being someone people could trust with his finger on the button is a serious charge.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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