Matthews: GOP New “Party Of The Confederacy;” More Dems Will Switch

Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 8.01.31 AMOn last night’s Hardball, Chris Matthews wanted to know: why did Parker Griffith switch from the Democratic to the Republican Party? “Are there rats leaving the ship? Is the ship sinking?” he asked. Matthews dropped the hint that he had heard that more Democrats would be switching parties soon. Then, as if to make sense of both of his statements, he supplied an answer: the GOP was becoming the “party of the Confederacy.”

From Hardball:

(video at the end of the post)

Matthews: “Why are Democrats switching to the Republicans? I hear more are coming, by the way.”

Later on, grilling a Republican strategist:

Matthews: You’re building a party off the discards of the Democrats. Are you going to keep building your party with Dixiecrats? Ex-Democrats who think the Democratic party is too mainstream?

Since the 60s, you’ve been building a political party … the party of Lincoln has become the party of … I don’t know … probably the party of the Confederacy.”

Innuendo of racism aside, Matthews does have a point, at least geographically. Compare this map of Congressional districts by party following the 2008 elections (via

Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 8.33.26 AM
With this Presidential electoral map from 1900 (via Wikimedia), squarely in the middle of the era of Lincoln:


(a slightly apples-to-oranges comparison, but still instructive — if you know of a good historical Congressional map, let us know in the comments section)


Hot Air Pundit has the clip:

And here’s the full segment:

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