Matthews Grills Cruz Spox Over ‘New York Values’: What’s That Supposed to Mean?

matthews tylerChris Matthews seemed really agitated tonight when he grilled a Ted Cruz spokesman over his candidate going after Donald Trump‘s “New York values.”

Cruz got some pushback today on that, and Matthews asked Rick Tyler what the hell Cruz was implying with that. Tyler repeatedly insisted that no one’s saying New York values are “bad,” just that they’re different and shared by almost no one in the rest of the country.

Matthews asked him “how many hours of desperate struggle and spin” he had to work through to contort that excuse. He didn’t let Tyler off the hook and demanded to know exactly what values Cruz is talking about. He remarked, “This is worse than high school!”

He asked Tyler if there’s a difference between New York and Iowa in how to fight ISIS or “putting out fires when there’s a fire somewhere.”

Tyler argued that the New York media sphere likes to condescend to a great many things that people in the heartland hold dear, like country music. Matthews fired back, “They’re taste differences! That’s not values!… You are in retreat.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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