Matthews Panelist Blasts Tea Party: They Are ‘Not Here To Legislate,’ They Are Here ‘To Demonstrate’

In discussing the looming debt ceiling debate, Howard Fineman, editorial director for The Huffington Post, slammed the Tea Party Sunday saying they “are not here to legislate, they’re here to demonstrate.”

Fineman appeared on The Chris Matthews Show and said the Tea Party didn’t get to “demonstrate” over the fiscal cliff deal, so “they want to do it to something.”

“They want to go over the edge,” he added. “And they will lose politically.”

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Matthews asked guests how bad the debate would get and who would be to blame. POLITICO‘s John Harris said he believed it would get “very bad” and Liz Marlantes added that Republicans would be blamed.

“When’s the public going to make a verdict on whether they like that kind of behavior?” Matthews asked.

“Well, they sort of did in the last election,” Fineman quipped.

Watch below, via NBC:

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