Matthews Wonders If Chris Christie’s “Bigness” Could Be A Plus Against Obama’s “Thin, Fantastic Shape”

Chris Matthews was curious why so many Republicans talk of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as being the best candidate to run against President Obama in 2012, when Matthews wasn’t even sure if he’s doing a good job as Governor. Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter and Republican strategist John Feehery surprisingly agreed with one another and attempted to convince Matthews that Christie is doing a good job and his authentic persona would be a real challenge to Obama.

Alter, not one to readily praise Republicans, spoke as a resident of New Jersey who saw first-hand that Christie is successful, smart, straight-talking and ultimately very appealing. And Alter doesn’t even think Christie’s weight would be a negative, instead thinking many voters would view that characteristic as more evidence that Christie is just a regular guy. Feehery agreed that Christie is authentic and has demonstrated that budget-cutting can actually be popular.

Matthews admitted he was impressed with Christie saying he’s “not ready” to run for president. In the end, Matthews seemed somewhat convinced of Christie’s appeal, if only because Christie has a personality and is not boring like many other Republican candidates. Humorously, Matthews even wondered if Christie’s “bigness” on a television screen would give him a “commanding presence” and be a positive contrast again Obama’s “thin, fantastic shape.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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