Maureen Dowd to Megyn Kelly: Health Flap ‘Perfect Microcosm’ of Clinton’s Big Problems

maureen-dowdNo, you’re not misreading that headline. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd appeared on Fox News tonight to discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with Megyn Kelly (who made it clear during the interview she’s a big fan).

Dowd has family members who have supported Trump, and she talked to Kelly about certain breaking points for them (i.e. the Khizr Khan flap and RTing that insulting Heidi Cruz photo). She said that kind of wrestling with Trump support gave her an insight into how Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell feel.

But Dowd, who has written very extensively about the Clintons for years, went on to say that this whole controversy over pneumonia and Clinton’s health is a “perfect microcosm of why she has problems.”

She told Kelly that this exemplifies Clinton’s pattern every time there’s a minor controversy and how her “wall of defensiveness and secretiveness” makes it worse.

Dowd also recalled telling Trump directly that his attacks on Heidi Cruz and Kelly were hurting him with women, and took note of how he responded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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