Max Boot Calls for Advertisers to Boycott Fox News ‘Until They Pull Back from the Hate’

Conservative columnist turned full-time cable news Trump critic Max Boot called for an advertiser boycott of Fox News “until they pull back from the hate.”

The panel discussion occurred on CNN’s New Day and was focused on what the panelists and hosts saw as a connection between the massacre of 11 Jewish worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue this weekend, and the fear-mongering anti-illegal immigration rhetoric put forth by President Donald Trump and his conservative media promoters.

Alisyn Camerota noted the bifurcated nature of Trump’s rhetoric (prompter vs off-the-cuff language), NY Times columnist Charles Blow agreed that “Trump is reducing the importance of the words” through his inconsistent political rhetoric.

But it was Boot who did the thing, by specifically calling out “a vast right-wing propaganda machine led by Fox News.”

“This is not how any President of the United States should behave and we should not be accepting as a way for President Trump to behave.” He added “but it’s not just Trump. There are a lot of Republicans doing exactly what he is doing and there’s a vast right-wing propaganda machine led by Fox News and needs to be doing soul-searching, and investors need to boycott Fox News until they pull back from the hate.”

In the wake of a week oh hate crimes, critics of Fox News have claimed the cable news network has fostered intolerance and fear that has indirectly led to the actions of mentally unstable people. #BocottFoxNews has trended on Twitter and a website listing Fox News advertisers has sprung up for progressive activists to put pressure on advertisers.

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.


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