Max Boot Tussles With A Trump Backer in Fiery Clash: He’s Using the Language of ‘Ethnic Cleansers’


Conservative writer Max Boot appeared on CNN to debate his latest Washington Post column calling for the destruction of the Republican Party with pro-Trump commentator Paris Dennard.

After explaining his call to nuke the GOP, which Boot claimed has been corrupted by President Donald Trump, Dennard replied ““I think that Max has actually just mouthed off a lot of falsehoods in his mischaracterization of President Trump and his positions.”

Boot interrupted: “Could you name one falsehood from what I just said? Could you name one? You accused me of falsehoods. Could you please list those falsehoods for me?”

“Sure, I sure will Max,” Dennard replied, and Boot interjected again, asking “He’s not catering to racism and xenophobia, is that a falsehood?”

Dennard maintained that Boot’s claim that Trump referred to Hispanic immigrants as “animals” is incorrect because he was referring to MS-13 gang members.

“That’s a cover story,” Boot shot back. “It was far from clear that he was referring to MS-13. He uses dehumanizing terminology to refer to immigrants. It’s not just ‘animals’, He also says they ‘infest and breed’. That is the kind of language that ethnic cleansers have used in the past. That is a fact, not a falsehood.”

Dennard tried to move on, but Boot demanded he answer his question.

“No! You accused me of falsehoods, give me a falsehood,” Boot said.

The pro-Trump commentator went on to dispute that Trump called Mexicans rapists, before arguing that the “elitists” are leaving the Republican party, to be replaced by “people that look like me.” Boot pointed out Trump’s low approval ratings, and the two continued to duke it out.

Watch above, via CNN.

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