Max Rose Bashes Trump’s Vietnam Draft Dodge: ‘Nothing He Can Do’ to Excuse How He ‘Didn’t Have the Courage’


Congressman and former U.S. Army serviceman Max Rose (D-NY) called Donald Trump a “draft dodger” on Wednesday as he dissected the president’s excuses for why he didn’t serve in the Vietnam War.

During his interview with Piers Morgan in the United Kingdom, Trump cycled through a number of rationales as he spoke of how he wasn’t a fan of that war, but “I would not have minded [serving].” As Rose spoke to Kirsten Welker on MSNBC, he wasn’t having it when she asked him about how Trump thinks he made up for his non-service with his administration’s military investments.

“There’s nothing he can do now to excuse for that or to make up for it,” Rose said. The congressman continued to bash Trump’s apparent belief in “a la carte service,” remarking on how he enlisted to serve in the Iraq War despite disagreeing with “the greatest foreign policy mistake in modern American political history.”

When asked about the president’s frequent claim that he couldn’t serve because of bone spurs, Rose acknowledged that he wasn’t a doctor, but the issue comes back to how Trump “didn’t have the courage to deploy.”

“I have no desire either to re-litigate some excuse he made or some doctor who his father paid off,” Rose said. “What matters as well is that the president understand and pays service and respect.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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