Maxine Waters: ‘I’m Questioning the Patriotism’ of Republicans Allowing Trump ‘To Side With Putin’

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, one of the most anti-Trump Democratic legislators, told Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC’s AM Joy this morning that she has questions about the patriotism of Republicans who aren’t speaking out more about Russia.

Waters––who has already been leading “Impeach 45” chants and has been pushing the “Kremlin Klan” line––said that President Trump knew he had to bring up election interference to Putin, but questioned exactly how they discussed it and whether they really decided to just “move on.”

She brought up her Republican colleagues and asked “where are the patriots out there?”:

“I’m questioning the patriotism of all of those Republicans who are allowing this president to side with Putin, to wrap his arms around Putin, and let Putin say ‘No, I didn’t do it. And you don’t have any proof that I did it. So forget it, let’s move on.'”

She also said that voters didn’t send them to Washington to be “afraid of a president who’s looking more like a dictator than a president.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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