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Mayor Bloomberg: If World Ends Tomorrow Parking Rules Suspended And Keep Your Library Books

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had some fun with the end of the world on his weekly WOR-AM radio show Friday, assuring New Yorkers that in the event of apocalypse, Judgment Day or other end-of-the-world scenario, New York’s alternate side of the street parking rules will definitely be suspended. Just leave your car where it is. Also, any parking tickets you may have gotten? Rip ’em up. Fuggedaboutit:

“Think about it, if the world ends tomorrow it would fix our traffic problems,” Bloomberg told host John Gambling during his weekly WOR radio appearance. “I don’t think you have to worry about returning library books or parking tickets.”

But before you laud Hizzoner for such bravery in the face of impending doom, note this: he’s planning to be out of town on Doomsday:

The Mayor revealed that he won’t be within the city limits Saturday, saying that he’ll be giving a speech in Oklahoma when Judgment Day arrives.

“You’re a brave man,” teased Gambling, “considering after the snowstorm, to be out of town when the world ends. You’re going to be criticized in the newspapers.”

Oklahoma? For realz?

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