Mayor Bloomberg: You’d Think Giffords Shooting Would Have Started National Dialogue On Gun Control

People should be expecting a surprising number of political ads during the Super Bowl tonight. And one of them was played on today’s Meet the Press, when host David Gregory asked New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about a gun control ad he made with Thomas Menino. In the ad, Bloomberg and Menino admit they don’t agree on much (including which team to back in tonight’s game), but they do see eye-to-eye on the issue of gun safety.

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Gregory asked Bloomberg how much the national debate over gun control has been caught up in pure politics. The New York mayor brought up the Gabrielle Giffords shooting thirteen months ago, and thought that could have led to some serious dialogue on the issue.

“You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head, that would have changed Congress’ views. I can tell you how to change it, just get Congress to come with me to the hospital when I’ve got to tell somebody that their son or daughter, their spouse, their parent is not going to come home ever again.”

Bloomberg called on Congress to implement more background checks and seal all the loopholes in existing gun law. He claimed that roughly 400,000 Americans have been killed since the 1960s, a number larger than the number of Americans who died during World War II.

Watch the video below, courtesy of NBC:

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