Mayor Cory Booker: Biden Is A Victim Of Media’s Obsession With Sound Bites


On Wednesday night’s program, CNN host Piers Morgan spoke with Newark mayor Cory Booker about a number of topics, including his thoughts on vice president Joe Biden‘s recent comments about the GOP and Wall Street placing “y’all back in chains.”

“Now, be honest, Mr. Mayor,” said Morgan. “Did you slightly recoil when you heard that phrase alluding to chains? I mean, there was a large number of black African-Americans in the audience who many people say this was a deliberate attempt to try to bring a slight racial tone to the whole proceedings, which was a bit unfair. What did you think?”

“Piers, this is really what I recoil about in where our politics is getting now,” he responded, “and is being fueled by Super PAC money, is being fueled by a media that becomes obsessed with sound bites rather than substance. Every single week now, from both sides, we seem to be running on ten-second clips of sound bites and ignoring substance. Please, I beg America, listen to the whole speech by the Vice President. Don’t let the sound bites that the media is presenting to you affect your mind. Listen to the whole speech. This was a substantive speech about how we’re going to reform Wall street, about how we’re going to protect consumers, about how we’re going to stop the over-leveraging of banks, about how we’re going to create a consumer bill of rights, a credit card bill of rights and how we’re go against predatory lending. All of that is the substantive things that my majority black city in Newark is concerned with. These are the real substantive issues that the media and that the sound bite politics is distracting us from.”

Morgan then mentioned the recent pro-Obama Super PAC linking Romney to a woman’s death from cancer, calling it “one of the most obscene things I’ve seen” and asking Booker, “Does your anger extend to that kind of stuff?”

Booker said he’s “clear on the record” about his thoughts on Super PAC’s influence on both sides, adding that “I believe when you hold substance of Obama against the substance of Romney, that the American public will choose Obama every time.”

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