Mayor Pete Buttigieg Ponders the Almighty’s Party Affiliation: ‘Can’t Imagine’ God Would Be a Trump Republican


‘Mayor’ Pete Buttigieg has butted up against the religious right during his campaign, the media says, and on NBC’s Today on Tuesday, they talked with him about his own faith, and how that relates to Donald Trump.

“You also spend a fair amount of time talking about your faith,” said reporter Craig Melvin in a tone of voice that let the viewer know this was an earnest but curious moment.

“Yes,” Buttigieg replied with deep humility.

“Why?” said the journalist, probingly.

“It’s important to me,” said Buttigieg.

He explained that he feels it’s important you don’t use a person’s religious beliefs as some kind of rhetorical device or use religious beliefs as a weapon against your political foe. “I think it’s also important that we stop seeing religion used as a kind of cudgel as if God belonged to a political party,” he said.

“If he did, I can’t imagine it would be the one that sent the current president to the White House,” he added, which is apparently not a contradiction of what he just said about cudgels, and we know it’s not a contradiction because the NBC reporters and anchors surely would have point that out if it were, right?

But instead, Melvin highlighted how Buttigieg has a different strategy than other Democrats, whom he is “looking beyond,” on how to campaign against Trump.

“You’re going to try to break through the noise with, with some quiet,” said Melvin.

“In a way,” said Buttigieg with wisdom. “Let’s call it a very different energy.”

“He’s going to call you low energy,” warned Melvin, with the kind of deep inner smile that comforts the viewer, preparing them with the knowledge that Mayor Pete not just aware of that, but ready for it. Above it.

“That’s fine. There is going to be a temptation to kind of play his game. If you play his game, you are losing,” he said. “Who is going to play his game better than he does? So we have to do something completely different.”

That means none of Trump’s childish insult games, like for example saying God himself is not on the other guy’s side. Those sort of “cudgels”, if you will, are beneath the different energy of Mayor Pete’s devout strategy that looks beyond his fellow Democrats.

“Fascinating,” said Melvin of his own interview. Truly it was.

Watch above via NBC.

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