McCabe: No Doubt That Trump Campaign Was ‘Receptive’ to Russian Assistance in Getting Him Elected

Former FBI official Andrew McCabe poured gasoline on the dying embers of the Russian collusion theory Thursday morning during a visit with Morning Joe.

McCabe was on to ostensibly offer his opinions on outgoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who provided his first, and so far only, public appearance on Wednesday and reopened a national conversation about the election interference operation by Russia intel efforts, whether the Trump campaign coordinated with said efforts.

McCabe offered the following:

There is no doubt that Russia — there is absolutely no doubt the Russians were interfering with the elections for the purpose of helping the Trump campaign. There is also no doubt that the Trump campaign was receptive to that assistance, was interested in receiving that assistance. The one thing we lack is the keystone between the bridge — that agreement between the parties. And we have here  is a clear lack of evidence to bring charges on those grounds.

At the end of the Morning Joe interview, McCabe was asked if he thought Trump was a Russian agent but shot down that conspiracy theory. He also made clear that Mueller did not find evidence of a conspiracy.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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