McCain: Obama’s ‘Snarky, Cheap Shot Remarks’ Were ‘Unpresidential And Not Likable’

Senator John McCain appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday, where he didn’t seem too concerned that GOP candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t taken President Barack Obama to task over the misinformation the White House shared about the attack on the American consulate in Libya.

“Well, I think in my view, it probably would have been something that was on the agenda,” he said. “But I think also that Mitt Romney did the job that he needed to do, and that was to show the American people that he has the qualities necessary to be the commander in chief, whereas the President again had his snarky, cheap shot remarks that were unpresidential and not likable.”

McCain did take issue with some “whoppers,” as host Steve Doocy put it, Obama told during Monday’s night’s presidential debate. “One to start with is THIS business of leaving a residual force in iraq. They always planned on it but, because of their lack of any influence there, that failed. But more importantly, Iraq is unraveling. Al Qaeda, the numbers have doubled. Al Qaeda is on the resurgence throughout the Middle East. Anybody will tell you that.”

The point, he ultimately said, is that Obama’s “ridicule” of Romney was “both unpresidential and, frankly, in my view, unacceptable.”

Watch, via Fox News:

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