McCain Rep Clarifies ‘Wouldn’t Put Anything Past’ Obama Admin Remark Wasn’t About Jobs Report

On Friday afternoon, Sen. John McCain paid a visit to CNBC to discuss the latest jobs number, among other topics. Asked about the theory that President Obama‘s administration somehow manipulated the numbers in order to reflect a desired outcome, McCain said he doesn’t know enough about economics to make such a claim — but that he “wouldn’t put anything past” this administration.

McCain called the unemployment rate dropping below 8 percent “pretty significant” and “good news for Americans” — but that many families “are still hurt very, very badly.”

About those who posit the numbers are cooked, McCain said, “Frankly I’m not enough of an economist to question exactly what those numbers are.” Referring to their earlier discussion about the WARN Act, “where there are blatant violations of the law,” McCain added, “I wouldn’t put anything past this administration.”

A McCain spokesperson Brian Rogers later clarified to TPM that in that last comment McCain was “not questioning the BLS numbers in any way.” He was referring to the earlier discussion about the WARN Act, not the jobs report, he said.

The segment below, via CNBC:

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