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McCain: Won’t Support Syria Resolution if it’s ‘Doomed to Failure’

Arizona Senator John McCain told Today host Savannah Guthrie that he would not endorse a resolution if he felt it didn’t go far enough in substantively deterring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

“I can’t support something that I’m afraid maybe doomed to failure in the long run,” McCain said.

“To do nothing would have consequences throughout the world,” McCain explained. “But to do something that really doesn’t change anything? In other words, some token strikes, and then sometime later Bashar al-Assad uses the chemical weapons again—what do we do then? Go through this same routine?”

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Guthrie asked if McCain saw a scenario in which military action would not draw the United States further into the Syrian conflict.

“You provide the weapons and you take out the air power that is the distinct advantage Bashar al-Assad had, you commit to no American troops on the ground, and you can reverse this,” McCain said. “The Free Syrian Army is viable and strong and moderate, and anybody that tells you anything different isn’t telling you the truth. We need to reverse the situation on the battlefield. It’s an unfair fight. Russian weapons are pouring in, Iranian weapons are pouring in. Have no doubt, this is a proxy war, and the Iranians are the ones who will gain or lose by this.”

Watch the clip below, via NBC:

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Image via NBC

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